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The Workers’ Rights Center is a community center dedicated to educating and advocating for worker justice. The Center is committed to empowering workers. A major focus has been training people in the community as advocates to assist others in resolving workplace problems. By its work and advocacy, the Workers’ Rights Center seeks to affirm the dignity of work and the dignity and respect that should be afforded to all members of our community, as expressed in the social teachings of many faiths.

JUST DINING cover 2013

The Workers’ Rights Center (WRC) has launched a project in partnership with The Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice (ICWJ) focused on working conditions in central Madison restaurants.  We have produced a guide to central Madison restaurants that informs customers and workers about the wages, benefits and working conditions for people who cook, prepare, and serve food.   The guide highlights employers who are going the extra mile to provide good quality, family supporting jobs in our community.  It makes it easy for customers and workers to be able to compare and contrast the various restaurants in downtown Madison.

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