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Birthday Bash Benefit Concert

featuring Bonobo Secret Handshake
(In a live recording session)
Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 5:30pm-9:30pm
Harmony Bar-22o1 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI

Join us on Wednesday, July 27 for to mark the birthdays of two well known community and labor activists-Bert Zipperer (60) and Mike Konopacki (65). Honor their birthdays and support worker rights with a donation to the WRC!  You can make a sustainer by donating $5/month automatically from your credit card. Local favorites, Bonobo Secret Handshake will be performing a special show that will be recorded. Donations by cash, check or credit card will be accepted at the door or you can donate online through PayPal or by credit card at the bottom of this page.

The Workers’ Rights Center is a community center dedicated to educating and advocating for worker justice. The Center is committed to empowering workers. A major focus has been training people in the community as advocates to assist others in resolving workplace problems. By its work and advocacy, the Workers’ Rights Center seeks to affirm the dignity of work and the dignity and respect that should be afforded to all members of our community, as expressed in the social teachings of many faiths.

The Latino Workers Project Update

LWP coverFifteen years ago, the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice initiated the Latino Workers Project (LWP) to study the rapidly growing Latino population in Dane County and address challenges faced by low-income Latino immigrants.  The LWP released Can’t Afford to Lose a Bad Job, which documented the socio-economic and labor conditions of the Latino community and provided recommendations to address pressing issues. Latinos faced unique challenges because of issues of immigration status, racism, lack of knowledge/comfort navigating public agencies & limited English proficiency. The WRC was founded as a recommendation of the LWP with seed money from the Madison Community Foundation.

Struggling for a Better Life, the report released last week by the Latino Workers Project (LWP),
captures the reality for Latinos living and working in Dane County. The report documents the dramatic increase in the Latino population (101% in 10 years) and the Latino community’s continuing struggle with substandard working conditions and persistent barriers to moving forward economically.

Through the project, the WRC seeks to issue a detailed and widely distributed analysis that gives voice to low-income Latino immigrant workers living and working in Dane County.  We  identify chief concerns regarding employment standards, and offer specific proposals.  Leadership recruited through the process of producing the report will be engaged to champion recommendations that have been developed during the project.


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For more information about the Latino Workers Project Update and how you can get involved, click HERE.

Just Dining Guide cover 2016

The Workers’ Rights Center (WRC) has launched a project in partnership with The Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice (ICWJ) focused on working conditions in central Madison restaurants.  We have produced a guide to central Madison restaurants that informs customers and workers about the wages, benefits and working conditions for people who cook, prepare, and serve food.   The guide highlights employers who are going the extra mile to provide good quality, family supporting jobs in our community.  It makes it easy for customers and workers to be able to compare and contrast the various restaurants in downtown Madison.

For More Information about the JUST DINING Project Click HERE.

To view the most recent WRC Annual Report, Click WRC Annual Report 2014

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