Volunteer Opportunities

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Jul 242012

Want to learn about your rights on the job? Want to learn how to assist workers who are having their rights violated? Interested in volunteering with the Workers’ Rights Center to support workers fighting for justice on the job? Then join us….


In its ten years of operation the Workers’ Rights Center has been largely driven by volunteers–community members who dedicate a few hours a week to assist workers in understanding their rights in the workplace and helping them in finding solutions to problems.


The WRC holds regular advocate trainings, to educate volunteers on Wisconsin labor law, WRC policies and protocols and strategies that have been proven successful. The center also holds special trainings for volunteers with attorneys and agency staff to focus on specific topics and issues that effect low-income workers.


Volunteers also assist with the day-to-day operations of the center, helping in the office, making phone calls, laying out fliers and newsletters etc.


If you are interested in volunteering at the WRC or would like more information, contact the WRC at 608-255-0376.


(This would be good to start with, eventually, I’d like to add some quotes and testimonials from volunteers about their experiences)


WRC at a Glance

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Jul 242012

The WRC meets with between 500 and 700 workers every year from throughout Wisconsin who are facing a wide variety of problems in the workplace. For a quick snapshot of who the WRC is working with, the industries they work in, where they live and the kind of work problems they are dealing with click on the link below:








(hyperlinks to PDFs of at a glance sheets)